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The Gallery Lectures are a fun and relaxing way to share Susan’s knowledge on the history of jewellery. The Gallery opens and 10.45am and coffee is served until 11.15. Susan will present the lecture for an hour and then lunch is served with a complimentary glass of fizz. The Gallery is open for you to see the current collections and chat with Susan about valuations you may require or the redesigning or repairing of any jewellery you may have.

Time 10.45am – 2pm   Price £33/person

 The Gallery can be hired for your own private party – ask Susan or Maggie for more details



From March 2017 to April 2018 Susan will run one lecture per month on the development of jewellery design, concentrating each month on a particular period between 1500 and 2000. Where possible each lecture will involve a practical handling session to help understand how jewellery design has developed.  The series will provide you with a good understanding of how and why jewellery and fashion has changed over 500 years and which gemstones were popular. The lectures will all stand independently from each other and it is not essential that you attend all the lectures to appreciate jewellery design history.


Bulgari – A kaleidoscope of Colour

Saturday 13th, Thursday 18th, Friday 26th  ALL SOLD OUT!

Bulgari was founded in Rome in 1884 and is considered one of the finest jewellers of the C20th. Their colourful creations have been found in many famous collections including Elizabeth Taylor and Barbara Hutton. This lecture will bring to life the importance of the Bulgari style, from the elegance in craftsmanship to the use of exquisite gemstones and their passion for Italian history.

 Jewellery Revolution - Jewellery History 1870-1890

Friday 19th, (Thursday 25th - Sold out), Saturday 27th

The industrial revolution of the C19th brought huge changes to the world of jewellery manufacture. This lecture will illustrate the changes in technology during this period and how it affected the supply of jewellery. This lecture will compare hand crafted jewellery to machine made jewellery and set the scene for future lectures on the Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau styles which were rebelling against the mass produced jewellery of this period. 


Thursday 1st, Friday 2nd or Saturday 10th

French Passion and Flair – The French Crown Jewels

This lecture will look at the French Crown Jewels from Charlemagne to Empress Eugenia and the colourful history involving many coronations and crime! We will look at jewellery that represents the height of fashion and exquisite craftsmanship and how the sale of the jewellery at auction in 1887 influenced jewellery designers at the end of the C19th and into the C20th

Thursday 8th, Friday 9th or Saturday 24th SOLD OUT!

Creative Art – Jewellery 1890-1920

Following the Industrial revolution there came a period of rebellion in the Jewellery world and two styles of Jewellery emerged as a result. They are known as the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau styles. This lecture will outline the differences between the two styles and look at the key individuals behind the rise of each style and the success of each movement in Britain and beyond.


Thursday 15th, Saturday 17th or Friday 23rd  SOLD OUT!

Glorious India – the Jewels of the Raj

British rule on the Indian Subcontinent lasted from 1858 to 1947 and is referred to as the British Raj. This is a period of sumptuous jewellery and this lecture will look at the Jewellery industry in India and the influence it has had on British design even before the Raj. We will also look at the spectacular jewels worn at the Delhi Durbar ceremonies as well as those owned by a number of the wives of the Governor Generals of India including Lady Curzan, ensuring that this presentation is full of excitement.

Thursday 1st, Friday 9th or Saturday 24th 

Contrasts of Colour and Form – Jewellery 1920-30

The jewellery of the 1920s takes on a completely new look, reflecting the change of attitudes following the 1st World War. With it comes new ways of working with gemstones and metals. This lecture will continue the study of the development of Jewellery design looking at the first ten years of the Art Deco period of design. 


Saturday 7th, Thursday 26th or Friday 27th

The genius of Japan – The development of Japonisme in Jewellery.

By the 1870s many saw the Japanese as aesthetically superior to the French and this led to a huge interest in incorporating Japanese motifs into Jewellery design. This lecture will consider the exceptional work of the jewellers including Faberge, Vever. Lalique, Falize and Tiffany & Co to illustrate this outstanding style and understand why Vever said that ‘the Japanese constitute the most artistic nation that has ever emerged.’

Thursday 5th, Friday 20th or Saturday 21st   

Sculptural Beauty – Jewellery 1930-40

This lecture will continue the history of Jewellery design during the second decade of the Art Deco period and uncover the new approach to Jewellery design and selling. Despite the Wall Street Crash of 1929 the Jewellery industry flourishes. More emphasis is given to educating the Jewellery buyer and great attention to detail is given to the cutting of gemstones and the setting of the stones. A remarkable period of innovative design will emerge.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Gallery


Susan has an established career as a lecturer in the history of jewellery design and is a registered lecturer for the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS). Susan shares her wealth of knowledge through a variety of Courses, lectures and jewellery lunches. These courses are designed to be educational but also fun. The courses are run at various venues throughout the UK.

These events attract both private and corporate clients who are interested in the history of jewellery or who are looking for an alternative way to entertain friends and clients. These events can be arranged for charitable organisations or simply for your own personal enjoyment. Subjects include “Designed for Wearing” – Jewellery in the C20th; “Cocktails and the Fashion Conscious” – 1940’s & 50’s Jewellery and “Romance with Nature” – the love and sentiment portrayed in Victorian Jewellery.

Half Day

Coffee on arrival, followed by a lecture on either the history of jewellery or on gemstones chosen by you or your organiser. After the lecture there will be a handling session of jewellery relating to the subject as well as the chance to learn the basics of diamond and pearl grading. The mornng will end with a light lunch and glass of champagne.

Full Day

Coffee on arrival, followed by two lectures on the history of jewellery from the period chosen. After a light lunch there will be an extended jewellery handling session where jewellery from the period will be on display. There will also be an opportunity to use gemmological equipment to understand how jewellery specialists identify gemstones. The day ends with afternoon tea and a glass of champagne.

Anyone attending the course is invited to bring their jewellery along to find out information about the history or even value of the items.

Popular subjects include "Designing for Wearing" - Jewellery in the C20th; "New Age Creations" - "Inspired Jewellery Design of the 1960's to 2000" - "Cocktails and the Fashion Conscious" - 1940's & 50's Jewellery; "The Garland Style" - Jewellery in the Edwardian Period; "Romance with Nature" - the love and sentiment potrayed in Victorian Jewellery; "A Cut Above the Rest" - Diamonds; "The Romance of Pearls".

Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Brooch