High Society – The Jewellery of Trabert & Hoeffer-Mauboussin

Friday 5th, Thursday 11th or  Saturday 20th  (Full)

A presentation which delves into the lives of celebrities such as Claudette Colbert and Marlene Dietrich to showcase the most exquisite jewellery of the collaboration of the American jewellery firm Trabert & Hoeffer with the Parisian house Mauboussin. The firm is often lost in the shadow of Cartier and Van Cleef and Arpels, but their jewellery never disappoints. From semi-customised jewellery referred to as ‘Your personality in a jewel’ to the dazzling one of creations, this is a presentation which will inspire the designer in all of us!


Queen Mary

Saturday 3rd, Thursday 15th or Friday 23rd  SOLD OUT!! Waiting List only
Extra Date Added:  Friday 30th 

As the nights draw in lets us brighten our days with the delightful collection of jewellery owned by Queen Mary. Enough said – one not to be missed!


This series of lectures provides an exciting opportunity to learn about the relationship between jewellers and fashion designers and to see how fashion and jewellery have been so closely associated. From individual jewellery pieces to the patrons who supported the designers this series of lectures will be a feast of sumptuous design.


The House of Chanel

Saturday 6th, Friday 19th or Thursday 25th SOLD OUT – Waiting List only

By popular demand (and we can never have enough of Chanel!), we are re visiting the world of Chanel.  

Chanel was a woman who brought a sense of freedom to fashion and jewellery design. She is seen as having invented the look of the twentieth century, taking women out of corsets and putting them into bathing costumes. With Chanel costume jewellery became acceptable not only when worn on its own but also when intertwined with gem jewellery.  This presentation will delve into the character of Chanel so that we can understand how her romantic relationships helped to shape her style both in fashion and jewellery design, creating one of the most successful brands of all time.


The House of Dior

Saturday 10th, Friday 16th  or Thursday 22nd SOLD OUT! Waiting list only

Christian Dior founded the House of Dior in 1947 and the ‘New Look’ was born. His intention was to create a look in fashion that was a radical break from the past and emphasized femininity. To Dior jewellery was not just an accessory but was part of the complete look. His creations were designed to complement the clothes not to take away from them. His look was such a success that he opened a fashion house in 1948 called ‘Dior Costume Jewelry’ His jewellery is still highly collectable and this presentation will show how he created such a successful company and how it is still sought after today.


‘Surrealism Meets Beauty’ – The Art of Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli

Saturday 8th or Thursday 13th

Elsa Schiaparelli brought the world of Surrealism to fashion and inspired jewellery designers such as Jean Schlumberger, Elsa Triolet and Alberto Giacometti to produce stunning collections, sold under Schiaparelli’s name. This presentation will look at her inspiration and most importantly her collaborations with Salvador Dali and his brilliance as a jewellery designer.

‘Stunning Beauty’ – The Jewellery Collection of Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret

Friday 7th, Saturday 15th or Wednesday 19th SOLD OUT!  WAITING LIST ONLY

The jewellery collection of Princess Margaret was as magnificent as her beauty and complimented her fashion sense and lifestyle. As we look at her stunning collection, sold in 2006 by Christie’s, we will be lost in a world of antique and contemporary jewellery and accompanied by fascinating tales of their acquisition and owner.


‘Welcome to the High Life’ – The jewels of Marjorie Merriweather Post

Friday 11th, Saturday 26th, or Thursday 31st

Marjorie Merriweather Post is well known as one of the most important collectors of Cartier Jewellery. This presentation will look further into her collection and see how she loved all styles, spanning centuries of design. Her collection has been described as being on the same level of collecting as Elizabeth Taylor and the Duchess of Windsor. If so, then this lecture is definitely one not to be missed – what better way to see off those January blues!              

Pearl Mysteries

Saturday 12th or Friday 25th

Cleopatra, Maria de Medici and Elizabeth Taylor are amongst a number of important figures associated with famous pearls that will be discussed during this presentation. From love to tragedy, we will see how powerful the pearl has been in history and the legacy they have left.


‘Ahead of their Game’ – The ‘Advanced Design’ of Archibald Knox and Liberty

Friday 8th or Saturday 16th  SOLD OUT!  WAITING LIST ONLY

We now call ‘Advanced Design’ Modernism. This was a movement that stemmed from the revivalist principles of William Morris, the Pre Raphaelite brotherhood and the Aesthetic Movement. This presentation will unveil the importance of these influences and how, as a result, Knox and Liberty flourished and changed the nature of design during the Art Nouveau period.

Oscar Heyman – WHO?

Friday 1st, Saturday 9th or Thursday 14th

Despite being one of the finest jewellers of the C20th, the name of Oscar Heyman is relatively unused. Why is this? It is because the firm wanted it that way. They made jewellery for some of the best jewellery houses of the C20th including Van Cleef and Arpels, Tiffany & Co and Cartier. This talk will unveil the importance of these exceptional jewellers who never took the limelight away from these big name jewellers – until now!