This page includes brief descriptions of the Jewellery Discovery Days, Gemstone Discovery Days and NEW for 2020 Jewellery Journeys, held at The Gallery.
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Gemstone Discovery Days are a fascinating insight to the world of gemstones. At each of the days Susan will discuss through both a power point presentation and hands on session, the gemmology behind each of the stones, how fashion dictates price and what you should look for when purchasing coloured stones.


Susan will be joined by her industry colleague, Chris Francis, whom she has worked with for over ten years, sourcing gemstones and designing jewellery for clients. Chris operates out of Hatton Garden and travels extensively acquiring the finest gemstones. Starting out on ‘the bench’ Chris has over 40 years in the business, working with stone merchants, designers, retailers and advising insurance companies, Chris brings a wealth of experience that he is looking forward to sharing with you on the day.

As well as being a fun and informative day, this is a perfect opportunity for you to bring any jewellery you need repairing, cleaning or perhaps stones which need re-polishing and a chance to discuss with Susan and Chris all your re-design, bespoke design and valuation requirements.


MARCH – Thursday 26th, Friday 27th or Saturday 28th

Discover the colourful world of Opals and Tanzanite on this handling day. We will discuss the rarity of Tanzanite and whether we should be worried that the stone will become unobtainable as so many reports say. Opals are a mysterious stone. They are often associated with bad luck – why? Is it a myth or is it due to the composition of the stone? From the fascinating Fire Opal which is orange to the variety of intensities of blue, green and yellow found in the stones, this handling session will provide a perfect opportunity to enjoy this mysterious gemstone.

 NOTE:  These Gemstone Discovery Lectures have a slightly later start time of 11am with the presentation commencing at 11.30am.

Gem Stone




Thursday 6th or Friday 14th

Spanish Surrealism – the Collection of Salvador Dali at Figueres

The jewellery at the Salvador Dali museum in Figueres is stunning. This presentation will delve into the mind of Dali and uncover what influenced him when he came to design these extraordinary creations. We will look at the team who created the jewellery under the watchful eye of Carlos Alemany, the Argentinean-born silversmith and discover the extraordinary journey that these jewels have been on before they became the property of the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation.

salvador dali
Barbara Hutton

Friday 7th, Saturday 8th or Thursday 13th  SOLD OUT! Waiting list only

Friends or Enemies –
The Jewellery Collections of Barbara Hutton and Doris Duke

During this talk we will look at two women with inherited fortunes who adored jewellery. Barbara Hutton, had inherited the Woolworth fortune. Although marrying seven times she died with little money in her estate but there was an amazing collection of jewellery. From the ‘Pasha’ Diamond to spectacular historic pieces there was a superb variety. Doris Duke in contrast was divorced twice but also had a very colourful private life. Her inheritance came from tobacco and her jewellery was exceptional including pieces she had a hand in designing. This presentation will show how two women, whose rivalry was fuelled by the press amassed great jewellery collections.

Doris Duke
Margaret Greville


Thursday 5th, Friday 14th or Friday 20th  SOLD OUT! Waiting list only

Sparkling Society
– Margaret Greville and The Marlborough Set


The jewellery and life of Dame Margaret Greville of Polesden Lacey have been of fascination for years as she was a favourite of the Royals and the Marlborough Set. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was left several pieces from her collection. Margaret Greville held parties that were renowned for their extravagance. This presentation will look at her collection and the jewellery worn by those who partied with her


Friday 13th or Thursday 19th

Beautiful Craftsmanship in Boston
– The rise of Arts and Crafts Jewellery in Boston

The collection of jewellery at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is exquisite. The Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, was founded in 1897 to encourage ‘’mutually helpful relations’’ among craftsmen, designers and patrons. Until recently little had been written about the fabulous Arts and Crafts Jewellery that came out of Boston. Frank Gardner Hale and his circle of designers provide a fantastic insight into the Arts and Crafts period in America and how successful the movement was overseas.



Thursday 2nd or Friday 24th 

A Passion for Jewels –
The Creators of The Tudor and Jacobean Royal Jewels

This presentation will delve into the magnificent world of the Jewellery made by the important court jewellers during the reign of Henry VIII through to James I. From Holbein in the court of Henry VIII to George Heriot, Scotland’s most famous jeweller, we will discover the fabulous skills of these and other significant designers and learn about their own interesting lives.


Friday 3rd, Thursday 16th or Saturday 18th SOLD OUT! Waiting List only

The Magical Jewellery World of The Maharanis

The world of Indian jewellery is magical!

This presentation will delve into the magnificent world of the Jewellery made by the important court jewellers during the reign of Henry VIII through to James I. From Holbein in the court of Henry VIII to George Heriot, Scotland’s most famous jeweller, we will discover the fabulous skills of these and other significant designers and learn about their own interesting lives.



Friday 1st or Thursday 14th 

Fame, Fortune and Poverty; The Travels and Jewels of Edwin Streeter

Edwin Streeter is among a number of jewellers who tend to get overlooked in jewellery history, yet he was a leading jeweller during the Victorian period. This presentation will look at his travels across the world and his importance in the development of the Burma Ruby Mines and raising awareness of pearls in Western Australia. He also travelled to Montana for Sapphires and Egypt for Emeralds and produced jewellery of exceptional quality. He was also instrumental in the eventual legislation regarding jewellery hallmarking and gold. Considering all this fame and fortune he spent the end of his life in genteel poverty, we will find out why.


Saturday 2nd, Thursday 7th or Friday 15th

The House of Gübelin; Gemmology and Jewellery Combined

Eduard Josef Gübelin was an exceptionally influential gemmologist of the C20th, laying the foundations for gemstone identification through inclusions and a microscope. This presentation will discover his lasting contribution to gemmology and how through the collaboration with the jeweller Edmund Frisch, (who trained with Paul Flato, often referred to as ‘Jeweller to The Stars’ from the 1930’s),  the firm has found a niche market, becoming not only a most prestigious supplier of gemstone certification, but also creating exceptional jewellery.



Thursday 11th, Saturday 20th or Friday 26th 

The Glorious Emerald Isle – Jewels of Ireland

This lecture will provide a fabulous insight into the exceptional jewellery that has been found, made and collected in Ireland over the centuries. From the Broighter Hoard, to the Jewels of the Marchioness of Londonderry and amongst others the Guinness family, we will be exposed to not only the grandeur of the jewellery but also the symbolism and importance of ancient examples that were to influence future jewellery designers.


Friday 12th or Thursday 25th 

Creative Rivalry in New York; The Jewels of Schlumberger and Schepps

Seaman Schepps was born in 1881 in New York and as one of the most fashionable jewellers of the mid C20th became known as ‘America’s Court Jeweler’. Jean Schlumberger was born in France and started out as a popular costume jeweller in Parisian Society. He then became one of Tiffany & Co’s high profile designers in New York City at a similar time to Schepps. This presentation compares and contrasts these talented designers and will provide you with sumptuous amounts of colourful and vibrant jewellery to compliment the summer sun.


Lectures are individually priced at £38and include coffee on arrival
and a light sandwich lunch with a complimentary glass of fizz.

We can accommodate specific dietary requirements with at least 72 hours’ notice.

On lecture days the doors to The Gallery open at 10.30am.

Coffee will be served from 10.45 Please note the lecture will start at 11.15
and we request you are in The Gallery by 11.10 to ensure a prompt start.

Once the lecture has commenced a sign will be placed on the Gallery entrance door and
we will be unable to allow admission until 12.15 when lunch is served.

* Terms & Conditions: Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. Refunds can only be made when we can fill a place from a waiting list. Unfortunately, we are not in control of the weather and unless we cancel a lecture due to inclement weather, we are unable to make a refund.
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