Susan Rumfitt

Susan Rumfitt
Susan Rumfitt is an independent jewellery specialist based at her Gallery in the heart of Harrogate. The early part of her career was spent working for Christie’s auctioneers in Glasgow and then heading up a jewellery department for Phillips auctioneers in London.  ‘The Gallery’ in Harrogate was established in 2006 and is a busy environment dealing with the regularly changing collections of Jewellery that are available for sale, meeting clients on a one to one basis to discuss their valuation and repair requirements as well as holding courses on the history of Jewellery. As a result, The Gallery has become a popular venue for entertaining, from corporate and private parties to a venue for charity fund raising events.

Susan is one of the team of specialists on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow and is a Freeman of the Goldsmiths’ Company. She lectures at Goldsmiths’ Hall on Fakes & Forgeries and is also an accredited lecturer for the Arts Society.

In the Media

Susan appears regularly on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, having joined the team in 2006.

Visit the BBC Antiques Roadshow website for further information regarding the show, the experts and the up and coming venues where filming will be taking place.

Katrina Hughes

Susan Rumfitt

Katrina Hughes FGA, DGA is a jewellery and valuations specialist at Susan Rumfitt Fine Jewellery.

Katrina’s passion for fine jewellery was sparked when she was left an antique brooch by her grandmother. After her mother offered to buy her some earrings to match the brooch, Katrina began the hunt for the perfect pair.

She soon became fascinated by the world of fine jewellery, at the same time realising how little she knew about it. As she began to learn more, Katrina’s interest continued to grow and she realised she wanted to pursue a career in gemmology.

With a degree in philosophy and having worked in the hospitality and property industries, Katrina embarked on a one-day introduction to antique jewellery at the Assay Office. She followed this immediately with a Gem-A foundation course with the Gemmological Association of Great Britain.

Her first job in the industry after passing her foundation course was with Ogden of Harrogate, where she was promoted to assistant valuer. She then went on to pass her Gem-A diploma and diamond diploma, before working in Leeds seeking out treasures from costume jewellery collections.

Katrina’s fascination with antique jewellery (pieces that are more than 100 years old) remains, and she loves the unique quality of each piece. She will be working with Susan on sales and auctions, as well as helping to grow the valuations side of the business.

And if you’re wondering – yes, she did find the perfect pair of earrings for her grandmother’s antique brooch!

The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, more commonly known as the Goldsmiths’ Company, is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London and received its first royal charter in 1327.

The purpose of the Goldsmiths’ Company is to contribute to British national life by supporting its related crafts, industry and trade and through wider charitable and educational activity. The main objectives of the Company are:

  • To support the precious metal and jewellery crafts, industry and trade through training, education and promotion, including through programmes delivered by the Goldsmiths’ Centre;
  • To operate the Assay Office and test the coinage of the realm annually through the Trial of the Pyx;
  • To administer and act as trustee of the Company’s charities;
  • To build on our traditions to enhance our contribution to life, work, education and culture in the City of London and in other parts of the United Kingdom;
  • To manage our financial affairs to secure the long term future of the Company and its activities.

Supporting the Trade

Founded to regulate the craft or trade of the goldsmith, the Goldsmiths’ Company has been responsible since 1300 for testing the quality of gold, silver, from 1975, platinum, and from 2010, Palladium.

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