If you have an antique or old piece of jewellery you have decided to part ways with, it is essential you follow the guidelines below to ensure you get a fair price for your jewellery. We understand parting with jewellery can be an emotional and difficult time, and the below guide will ensure the process is as easy and straightforward as possible.

1. Receive an appraisal

Never sell your jewellery to an individual or company who is not willing to conduct a thorough, professional appraisal. You should also ask the individual completing the appraisal of what experience or qualifications they have, as this will ensure you receive an accurate and fair price for your jewellery.

2. Do your own research

Conduct your own research prior to the appraisal so you have a rough idea of the value of your jewellery. For example, you could try to identify what period your jewellery is from and identify any stones in your bespoke jewellery.

3. Avoid evaluations in unknown locations

Never take your jewellery to a potential buyer who refuses to meet you in your bank or home. If a buyer asks you to come to their place of work, ensure that it is a reputable location and only travel there with your jewellery if you believe it is safe to do so.

4. Never feel pushed to sell your jewellery

If a buyer is pushing you for a sale, or making you feel uncomfortable by offering what you believe to be an unfair price for your jewellery, you should take your custom elsewhere.

Contact Susan Rumfitt today

Susan Rumfitt can complete fine jewellery sales and will ensure you receive a generous price for your jewellery by completing jewellery insurance valuations on any items of jewellery you bring to our store. Alternatively, we can meet you at your home or your bank to complete an evaluation.

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