Many people have jewellery that has been handed down to them that they now want to sell or have valuable pieces they have bought in the past but no longer want. Fine jewellery sales not only generate income but also free people from keeping unnecessary items that can be loved by someone else. In this beginners guide to selling jewellery, I’ll outline the easiest ways to get started when you want to sell precious gems.

Find a jewellery specialist to determine the current market value

If you already have fine jewellery insurance valuations for your pieces, then you will already know if there are any loose stones or repair work that is needed. If repair work has already been implemented, it’s time to move on to getting jewellery appraised for the current market value. Any repair work that does need doing will be assessed by the valuer who will assist in getting the work completed at a competitive price, before sale. There is a phenomenally strong market for preloved bespoke jewellery, whether that’s white diamonds, emeralds, rubies or vintage jewels. An appraisal by a jewellery expert will clarify the quality and authenticity of each piece.

Gather together any information on each piece of jewellery

Whether selling to a jewellery buyer, taking jewellery to auction or going it alone, now is the time to gather all the information you have for each piece. This will include any prior valuations, insurance documents or diamond certificates. This type of paperwork gives the buyer valuable information about the weight of the stones, the age and the provenance. Any provenance that is known and clarified will certainly help raise the value of the piece.

Choose a buyer

There is the option to sell jewellery privately, sell it at auction or choose to sell to a jewellery buyer. Selling to a jewellery buyer will save lots of time in the long run, will give access to their expertise and ensure better outcomes. A buyer will give a competitive price for each piece and the trust and knowledge needed when selling valuable items.

At Susan Rumfitt, we buy fine jewellery and also offer valuations. For an honest valuation and competitive selling price, contact us today and speak to one of our jewellery specialists.

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