Fine jewellery has been a consistent accessory to The Royal Family, who have modelled ceremonial treasures as a timeless mark of both style and sophistication for centuries. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee witnessed a bank holiday weekend full of quintessential British flair, and the Royals were spotted wearing some beautiful vintage jewellery pieces. Seventy years of reign is certainly an achievement, and we think a cause for celebration throughout the whole of 2022. 

Here’s how you can honour the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Year with some fine jewellery statement pieces that will make you look and feel like a Royal.


Style it like a Royal

Simple, minimalist pieces were a Royal favourite for the Jubilee weekend. Paired with her light blue ensemble, The Queen sported her signature pearls and brooch for her balcony appearance at Buckingham Palace. Pearls are traditional gems, spanning generations as a coveted precious stone. They are versatile and dynamic, allowing you to add a touch of elegance to your outfit with something as nominal as pearl studs, or a freshwater cultured pearl bracelet. This delicate touch is suitable for any occasion — the perfect pearl really is an accessory you can count on for celebrations throughout the year.

You may have also noticed that gold and silver combinations are making a comeback. This powerful hybrid makes a statement by merging the classic with the modern. You can add some grandeur to your evening wear with some pear-shaped diamond ear pendants — simplistic yet eye-catching. Like the silver-gold combo, this union of yellow and white diamonds is subtly regal and will continue to complement your wardrobe long after the Jubilee year.


Fine jewellery statement pieces 

If you are looking for something a bit more extravagant, larger pieces with colourful, precious stones are also very popular for the Jubilee celebration year, and some Royals were seen adorned with something a little more lavish. Princess Beatrice appeared at St Paul’s Cathedral sporting a pair of diamond chandelier earrings. 

And for the Trooping The Colour parade, Kate Middleton paired a custom white Alexander McQueen blazer with Princess Diana’s matching diamond and sapphire earrings. Indeed, sapphires have been an enticing gemstone since ancient times, and according to legend the sapphire has the power to bring harmony and peace between lovers. These statement sapphire earrings were a showstopper when Diana first wore them back in the nineties, and are no less beautiful almost thirty years later, testament to the fact that antique jewellery pieces continue to be stylish for generations. This dazzling blue-white combination is a popular emblem of grace and class, and our pair of 1960s sapphire and diamond pendant earrings are an almost exact replica of the priceless Windsor heirloom.


An investment in yourself

Purchasing in a timeless piece of high-quality jewellery is an investment in yourself that you won’t regret. In an age of disposable culture, isn’t it wonderful to have your very own lasting antique that will never go out of fashion — one that will continue to delight for generations to come? 

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