Subjects include Mysteries of the Mughals, Schlumberger & Schepps, Bring Back the Brooch, Cameos, Gold and Sparkling Spain


Doors open 11am – the Talk starts 11.30am

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Friday 2nd, Thursday 15th, Saturday 17th or Wednesday 21th

 The Mysteries of the Mughals:
Traditions in Indian Jewellery

This presentation will look at the fascinating world of Indian jewellery during the Mughal period, established in 1526. We will enter the Imperial Workshops and see the glorious pieces that were produced. The type of jewellery worn, and the iconography of the subject matter, will be explained. A colourful and enchanting world awaits.

susan rumfitt

Saturday 3rd, Wednesday 14th or Thursday 22nd

Creative Rivalry in New York:
The Jewels of Schlumberger and Schepps

Seaman Schepps was born in 1881 in New York and as one of the most fashionable jewellers of the mid C20th became known as ‘America’s Court Jeweler’. Jean Schlumberger was born in France and started out as a popular costume jeweller in Parisian Society. He then became one of Tiffany & Co’s high-profile designers in New York City at a similar time to Schepps. This presentation compares and contrasts these talented designers and will provide you with sumptuous amounts of colourful and vibrant jewellery to compliment the summer sun!

susan rumfitt


Saturday 7th, Wednesday 11th or Friday 13th

Bring Back The Brooch!

Brooches are beautiful. From the gem encrusted stomacher ornaments of the C18th and the beautiful floral sprays of the Victorian period, to the lapel brooches of the deco period and the fabulous modern sculptural creations by Dali and Grima, to name but a few, this presentation will unravel why brooches have been so important in history and what they represent to the creator and the wearer. You may be interested in reading about or visiting the exhibition “The Brooch Unpinned; The Goldsmiths’ Collection 1961-2021”, at the Goldsmiths’ Centre until 20th August 2021.


Friday 6th, Saturday 14th or Thursday 19th

The Curiosity of Cameos

Noble families throughout history have collected Cameos as a sign of wealth, power and being well educated. Traditionally cameos are carved into agates and shells, but many collectors had beautiful examples carved in gemstones such as emerald, amethysts and opals. This presentation will dive into the glorious collections of Catherine the Great to the Beverley Collection of Gems at Alnwick Castle. The technique of cameo carving will be explained as well as understanding the qualities of an exceptional cameo.



Friday 10th, Thursday 16th or Saturday 18th


From ancient sacred art to the bling culture of the 1990’s, gold has played an essential part in creating works of art and jewellery. This presentation will look at the how the metal has inspired jewellery through the ages and why it has never gone out of fashion.


Saturday 11th, Wednesday 15th, Wednesday 22nd, Friday 24th or Thursday 30th

Sparkling Spain

The Spanish Royal Family does not have an official collection of Crown Jewels. Instead, they have a collection of jewellery that was started by Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria, which is passed from one monarch to another and they are officially known as “the jewels that are passed on”.  This presentation will look at the jaw dropping collection of gems and jewels and the influences behind the collection.



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and a complimentary glass of fizz after the Talk.

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