Jewellery can mean many things to many types of people, from pieces holding great sentiment to much-loved accessories. Picking out jewellery pieces is often an important and meaningful journey; this article explores the advantages of having a jewellery specialist by your side.

Help finding antique gems

Many enjoy choosing antique jewellery pieces to add to their collection, whether they admire fashions of the past or want original pieces from specific times in history or traditions. Having a jewellery specialist by your side can not only help you in your search for the right piece of antique jewellery for you, but they can also offer an extensive range of well-curated gems and pieces in their existing collection. As well as helping you find exactly what you are looking for, specialists are well educated on where each piece originated, how it was made and how it should be looked after.

Bespoke jewellery services

An incredible advantage of a jewellery specialist is their ability to design and create a bespoke piece of jewellery that caters to your own specification and creative ideals. Throughout the process, you can engage with your jewellery specialist, discussing the many options available to materialise your ideas and work to your specific budget. Whether you would love to design an entirely new piece, redesign an old pieces or stones to make it them more wearable or valuable, this is an incredibly exciting and special opportunity, with the most personalised experiences offered by jewellery specialists.

Accurate jewellery insurance valuations

A jewellery specialist can provide you with up to date and accurate valuations of your new and existing jewellery, allowing you peace of mind if anything unfortunate was to happen to your collection. The market can be changeable and many insurance companies insist on a valuation of items over a specific limit. A jewellery specialist can ensure that your jewellery is listed at the correct value, and many specialists can arrange for a Gemstone Laboratory Certificate when required to establish your jewellery’s value.

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