If you’re considering making a proposal (or dropping some hints about one), you might also be already thinking about what kind of ring to choose as an engagement ring. If you’re drawn to the idea of an antique engagement ring, here are three reasons why antique rings can be the perfect choice.

Timeless elegance

Fashions come and go, but antique jewellery has already been proven to stand the test of time. By choosing an antique engagement ring, you can be confident that your ring will look beautiful for years to come. Antique engagement rings also stand out more than rings bought on the high street, often being truly one of a kind.

A ring to suit any style

It’s not like all antiques look the same. If you’re looking for a unique ring but you’re picky about the style, don’t worry; antique rings are available in all kinds of styles, metals, and colours. Whether you’d rather a monochrome diamond and platinum combo or a vibrant ruby or emerald setting, antique rings offer all the range that can be found in brand-new engagement rings and more.

An investment in your future

Antique rings will no doubt hold their value over time, often better than new rings. While we’re usually thinking with our hearts more than our minds when choosing an engagement ring, it’s important to understand what you are buying and that’s where the services of a well-established expert can make the difference.

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