When it comes to layering jewellery, it’s easy to over-accessorize, especially if your collection features an array of different styles, metals and stones. Here are a few tips on how to layer your jewellery effectively.

Be consistent with your colour scheme:

Layered jewellery tends to look the most ‘put together’ when you use pieces made of the same metal and finish. But too many chains of the same colour can look over the top and can make your layered look appear messy and poorly put together. Carefully balanced white and yellow coloured metals can look very contemporary and stylish together as long as the metals are of a similar finish.

Combine basic with bold:

Layering gives you the opportunity to showcase your more ornate pieces, but there are a couple of general rules to follow. Only include one statement item, and set it against a backdrop of more basic, minimalist pieces. You might find that you have a variety of simple trinkets, but you may be lacking the perfect statement necklace or bracelet to really finish off your look.

Finding your statement layering piece:

We specialise in fine jewellery sales and bespoke jewellery, and with our extensive collection of antique jewellery, you can find the perfect statement piece for you. Our gallery collection features a wealth of stunning necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches and bracelets spanning a period stretching back to the mid 1700’s. Investing in an antique piece could give you the opportunity to complete your look, and make it genuinely unique.

Bespoke jewellery:

Still struggling to find what you’re looking for? Our team can work with you to design the piece you envision which will then be created for you by our very talented craftsmen. You can take a look at our gallery collection here. Any questions or queries? Please don’t hesitate to contact us — we look forward to speaking with you.


Photo by freestocks on Unsplash