How can you make sure your fine jewellery, maintains its value?

You’ve been gifted a beautiful piece of bespoke jewellery, something to cherish for generations to come. How do you ensure that you maintain its value and make sure that you can all enjoy wearing it?

Despite challenges on the UK high street, the demand for fine jewellery sales is still thriving, with customers preferring keepsakes and investment pieces (Source, Mintel Jewellery and Watches Retailing UK 2019 Report). Whether a family heirloom or something created with you in mind, although no amount of money can replace cherished jewellery items, valuing the item is advised.

Jewellery insurance valuations

Here at Susan Rumfitt Fine Jewellery, we appreciate how much you love your fine jewellery and we promise to handle with care. We understand the importance of having the right support should there ever be a need to make a claim. Updating a jewellery insurance valuation for an existing insured piece can also offer peace of mind should it be lost, damaged or stolen. Having your fine jewellery regularly valued also ensures that you’re not overpaying any premiums and will also note any obvious wear.

Cleaning your fine jewellery

Simple warm soapy water will generally do it. Give your jewellery a soak in non-detergent soap and, if necessary, a soft toothbrush to remove any dirt particles. Dry off with a soft, lint-free cloth. For pearls just use the lint free cloth. After wearing your treasured item, ensure that any moisture or makeup is removed before placing in a velvet pouch or box.

Travelling with bespoke jewellery

If you’re on holiday, try not to swim in any fine jewellery you care about as exposure to chlorine can cause damage, particularly to gold pieces. Ensure that, if you really need to wear that diamond necklace to dinner, you travel on the aeroplane with it (never in the hold) and remember to always use the safe at the hotel.

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