Many jewellery owners don’t think twice about having expensive jewellery valued unless they intend to sell it on, but actually, jewellery valuations are far more important than this. If you own fine jewellery or bespoke jewellery, here are three reasons why you should have it valued as soon as possible.

For insurance

Jewellery insurance valuations will require that a piece has been professionally valued so that if it is stolen or missing, it can be compensated for the correct amount. Without a record of valuation, it may be difficult to claim back anything like the true value of a piece of jewellery, which can result in great losses if the piece in question is valuable.

For legal purposes

The correct value of your jewellery may be relevant for legal purposes, either in the case of divorce or probate, where the value of your various possessions will be totted up. If a piece of jewellery has already been valued, it will make matters much simpler during these difficult times and hopefully make financial arrangements that little bit easier to agree upon.

For a sale

You will definitely want to have your jewellery valued if you do decide to sell it. It’s easy to be taken advantage of, particularly if you’re new to fine jewellery sales, so ensuring you’ve got an accurate idea of the worth of your piece before you take it to market is important.

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