Selling your jewellery needn’t be difficult but it will depend on a couple of factors, who to sell to and the method which you intend to use to sell. So here are a few answers to questions you may have.

Valuation and jewellery information

The first thing that would pop into your mind when selling jewellery is how much is it worth, which is calculated with several factors in mind. You should ideally collect as much information about the jewellery as possible, such as brand, wear, age and its materials. These will all factor into how much you can potentially get for your jewellery and of course, should be the first step you take.

Where to sell?

Retail Jewellers

With an abundance of outlets, it is increasingly easy to sell jewellery. London’s Hatton Garden and the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter come to mind, however, there are fine jewellery specialists in most large towns and cities across the UK. They will be able to value your jewellery and many will also give you a quote to buy pieces from you.

Independent Jewellery Specialists

There are jewellery specialists across the country with expertise in certain types and styles of jewellery which may be more appropriate. From gold and silver to diamonds and pearls and even specific periods in history such as Victorian jewellery and Art Deco. They will be able to not only value your piece for sale but give you more of an insight into its past.


If the jewellery you are intending to sell is exceptionally rare or valuable, an auction house could be the best option. While there is no guaranteed sale in this case, jewellery experts can accurately assess your piece. One thing that you must check is the auction house seller’s premium, this is usually charged as a percentage of the sale price when the hammer falls.

Checking jewellery buys are legitimate

It’s always worth shopping around. With your valuation in hand, you can now start to research the jewellery buyers in your area. Reputable auction houses, specialists and jewellers will belong to a number of trade organisations such as the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths – Such organisations have high levels of governance to ensure their members adhere to the strict codes of conduct. Once you are satisfied that your chosen jewellery expert meets your criteria then it’s time to begin the process of selling your jewellery.

Susan Rumfitt Fine Jewellery value all types of jewellery for sale, probate, insurance and we also buy pieces. For and honest market valuation for the sale of your jewellery please call 01423 705 198 and speak to one of our fine jewellery specialists.

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