Fine jewellery can transform your appearance. An amethyst necklace adds a flair of glamour, an emerald ring conveys elegance, and a pair of pearl earrings emulates decorum and grace. But how do you define fine jewellery? We’ve taken a look at how you can spot high quality, fine jewellery pieces.

The main distinction that sets fine jewellery apart from fashion jewellery is the materials it’s made out of. Solid golds, platinum and for contemporary pieces palladium and sterling hallmarked silver with authentic gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, aquamarines, amethysts or tourmalines, to name only a few, can all feature in fine jewellery. The list of gemstones is endless.

In contrast, fashion jewellery will typically be made from gilded metal, steel, plastics, glass or other low value materials. Whilst this may give a somewhat similar finish to fine jewellery, the low price tag is often reflected in the quality. Over time, fashion jewellery can look tired and old.

In contrast, fine jewellery lasts much longer: this is because it is a lot stronger than fashion jewellery and won’t tarnish (as long as it’s stored and cared for correctly). In addition to this, fine jewellery can often be repaired, sometimes free of charge, by its makers, if unfortunately and unintentionally broken or damaged. Although fine jewellery is more expensive, it is a much better investment, promising a timeless and special item to last a lifetime.

Susan Rumfitt’s fine jewellery offers finely crafted pieces which add an individual look to any outfit, from casual and professional, to dressy and glamorous. Susan understands the importance of high-value pieces, having provided her specialist jewellery services on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow. This makes her pieces suitable for even a collector’s treasure trove; her antique pieces are exclusively stunning.

To browse our collection of fine jewellery, or to sell any old gold jewellery you no longer need, contact us today or visit our website to find out more.


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